Safe environment for a puppy

Safe environment for a puppy

Puppies are rather curious creatures, and as soon as your puppy will feel comfortable in his new space, you may rest assured he will show interest in everything and anything. Dogs explore their surroundings using their sense of smell and taste. Once you make the decision to bring a puppy to your home, you have to make sure that your house is a safe environment for a puppy.

Create a safe space

Puppies are not only curious but also very small. Before you even bring your puppy home, make sure to check every nook and cranny that your poppy may try to explore. To prevent constant checking behind or under furniture and equipment, block the access to any small spaces, you don’t want your dog getting stuck in. Pay attention to visible cables around the house. Your puppy may try to chew on the cables or get tangled in them when he’ll be running around the apartment, so try to keep those away from your puppy. Do you have any plants, decorations or pieces of furniture, that your puppy could easily knock over? Block access to them or prevent them from falling over.

Toys and interesting things

For a puppy, everything can become a toy. Shoes, small everyday items, decorations around the house. Hide those, so your puppy won’t have access to them and offer him a fun toy instead. If you ever see your puppy getting interested in your shoes or TV remote, distract him and give him a toy instead. Remember to never give your puppy your old things to play with. Puppies cannot tell the difference between old and new pair of shoes, so you’re risking your puppy making a habit of playing with any shoe he finds.



Family members

The first day in a new home may be a stressful experience for your puppy. During those first days, you need to create a safe and comfortable space for your puppy. Although a new puppy at home is always an exciting event, especially for kids, you need to think about your puppy’s well-being. A puppy needs time to get accustomed to his new life. Explain to everybody at home that those first days is a time when your puppy needs space and it’s best to leave him alone at that time.


Other pets

If you have other pets already living in your home, don’t forget about their comfort. Puppies are extremely curious and have a ton of energy, which can be overwhelming for older, calmer pets. Always give your pets time to gradually get to know each other and always monitor their behaviour during those encounters. Be patient and understanding - older pets may need a bit more time to accept the change and a new friend. Create a safe space for each pet, where they can be alone if they choose.