Dog essentials - what should you buy?

Dog essentials - what should you buy?

Dr Anna Plummer

Once you made a decision to buy or adopt a dog you have to prepare all the dog necessities that will be used every day by your pet. What items should be considered dog essentials? 

Food bowls

Let’s begin with the basics - your dog needs bowls for the food. What are the telltale signs of a good quality food bowl? It should be made from high quality materials that make it easy to clean, i.e. metal or ceramic. Good food bowl should be suitable for the size of your dog - not too small, and not too big. Does your dog eat his meals too quickly and experience bloating? Get your puppy a slow feeding bowl. 


Let’s be honest, even the prettiest of food bowls are nothing without a tasty food inside. Healthy and complete food for your dog is necessary to keep your pet in good shape. Always choose a formula that suits your dog’s individual needs - pick a diet that is made specifically for a particular size of dog, nutritional needs or taste preferences. 



Collar and a leash

With daily walks you need a collar and a leash that will last. If you don’t want to subject yourself to buying a new collar and a leash every season, choose quality products made with high quality materials - leather collar and a leash are always a great option. From the very beginning teach your dog that the leash is not a toy - don’t let your puppy chew or tug on it. 

Pet bed

A dog has to have a bed. Even if you plan on allowing your dog on furniture around the house, give your pet a proper pet bed. A pet bed is not only a place where your dog can sleep on his own, but it acts as a safe place, where your puppy can hide his toys, play when he feels like it or simply lounge around. 


Don’t let your dog get bored. Playtime with your puppy is a time when you can strengthen your bond and work on your dog’s physical activity. Dog toys give your puppy an opportunity to actively spend the time on his own and can be a great motivation to get your older or more lazy dog to move. Remember that a toy has to be suitable for your dog - too small of a toy can be a choking hazard, whereas big and heavy toys can cause pain if given to smaller puppies with weaker jaws.