Puppy’s first time at the vet - when and why?

Puppy’s first time at the vet - when and why?

The first visit to the vet is a highly stressful situation for your puppy. Unfortunately, you cannot skip this step - your puppy needs his basic vaccinations which will grant him protection from many infectious diseases

When it’s time to go to the vet?

Don’t even think about taking your puppy to the vet in the first week of living in your home. It’s unnecessary stress - the first days at a new place are already plenty hard for your puppy. More importantly, during your first check-up at the vet, the doctor will ask you many detailed questions regarding your puppy’s behaviour, so you need enough time to gather some information. Once your puppy will feel comfortable in your presence it will be much easier to help him relax during a stressful experience. As long as nothing worrisome is happening, e.i. your puppy is not throwing up, doesn’t have diarrhea, has a normal appetite and doesn’t appear apathetic you can take your dog to the vet after the first or even second week has passed. 


What is the first visit to the vet?

The first check-up at the vet’s office is mainly an opportunity to assess your puppy’s overall health and well-being. The vet will weigh your dog to judge the growth rate. A healthy poppy should be gaining weight regularly, which is a telltale sign of healthy development. Determining the body weight of your puppy is essential to fit your dog with the right amount of necessary medications, should there be the need to administer them. After weighing your puppy, the vet will check the overall state of the pet by looking at his eyes, ears, mouth and skin. The last step is usually checking the body temperature, auscultation of the lungs and abdominal palpation. Sometimes during the first visit, the vet will administer some basic vaccinations or medications. At the end of the visit the vet will inform you about the next obligatory check-up.




Questions and concerns?

A visit to the vet is an excellent time to ask any questions that came to mind since you brought your puppy home. Especially if you are a first-time dog owner, don’t be shy and ask away - the vet will gladly answer all of your questions to help you take care of the dog the best way possible. If anything in your dog’s behaviour concerns you or you don’t understand it, talk with your vet. The very first moments with your puppy can be challenging, and you’ll need time to fully understand your new friend. Are you wondering what diet should you choose for your puppy? You don’t know what toys to pick for your dog? Your vet can help you with anything and will gladly give you some much-needed advice.