Lazy pet in great shape - how to maintain a healthy weight of a pet?

Lazy pet in great shape - how to maintain a healthy weight of a pet?

Both dogs and cats with decreased physical activity can gain weight much quicker than more active pets. If you are dealing with pets that are more lazy than the rest you have to focus more on your pet’s diet and healthy food habits that can greatly decrease the chance of gaining the excess weight.

How to feed a lazy pet? 

The ad libitum feeding is the nemesis of every lazy house pet. Unlimited access to food leads to frequent snacking and it is not easy to monitor your pet’s daily food intake that way. It’s much harder to spot any changes in your pet’s food consumption, i.e if your cat or a dog has been eating more that usual. Ad libitum feeding can cause issues if you have more than one pet in your home. In such a case you are unable to tell how much food did each pet eat, since it is common occurrence that pet’s steal food from each other's bowls. 

Suitable food for less active animals

Cats and dogs that are not too active throughout the day do not need as much energy in their diet. Formulas for less active pets usually are characterised by reduced fat content. In many formulas for older or less active pets you can also find l-carnitine, that can significantly speed up the process of burning fat. Diets with high fibre contents can satisfy your pet’s appetite and keep them feeling satiated for much longer.


Careful with the snacks

Remember that all snacks and treats that you give to your cat or dog should never go over your pet’s daily caloric needs. If you’re giving a significant amount of treats during the day, don’t forget to include that into your calculations of daily food intake. It is recommended that snacks should not provide more than 20% of your pet’s energy for the day. Not just the amount, but also the quality of treats matters. Choose snacks with clean and simple ingredients, preferably made with natural ingredients. 

Encourage more movement 

Even if your pet is most comfortable lounging on the couch, you should always encourage some physical activity during the day. Getting a lazy cat or dog to run around can be much more challenging and you’ll probably have to get creative. Always have some great toys handy. Every house pet can have varying preferences when it comes to toys and playtime, so give your dog or cat some variety to choose from. While choosing toys for your pet always consider the size and weight of the toy - too small of a toy can pose as a choking hazard, whereas a too big and heavy object can cause pain if your pet tries to pick it up.