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Tand, 100 g | Dental powder helps prevent tartar and plaque

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Recommended by Veterinarians

Natural Ingredients


(Dry Food) Made in Netherlands & (Wet Food) Made in Thailand

Product description

Dental care powder formulated with natural ingredients to promote and support your pet dental health.

Dental Care - With natural ingredients for optimal dental care.

Seaweed - Helps reduce dental plaque

Supplement for optimal oral hygiene in dogs and cats

Dental health is a very important part of your pet overall health, and maintaining good dental care is essential as it can play a role in decreasing their risk of dental problems and diseases.

Tand is a powdered supplement which you add to your pet's meals, making it an easy, natural way to improve your furry friend's dental care. Formulated with quality natural ingredients, it helps promote and support oral health and fresher breath.

With natural ingredients


  • Seaweed helps reduce and eliminate dental plaque, also helps to slow down the tartar formation on the teeth.


  • Sodium bicarbonate i.e., baking soda helps fight the bad breath by neutralizing the acids produced by the breakdown of food that gets stuck between the teeth. These pieces of food between the teeth can cause in the long-term bad breath and destroy tooth enamel.


  • Oyster shells are rich in mineral elements; therefore, they help to strengthen tooth enamel.

Recommended use and instructions

Dogs: 3 g/day.

Cats: 1 g/day.

Simply sprinkle on your pet's food, three times a week, all year round. Suitable for use during gestation, lactation and for very young animals. Not recommended for animals with hyperthyroidism or renal insufficiency due to the rich sodium and iodine content. For animal use only!

DISCLAIMER: Different animals may react differently to natural ingredients in this product. The claims listed in this product description are based on general information about the mentioned ingredients. This product should not be classified as a medicine. If you have other questions regarding your pet health, we recommend that you contact your veterinary.

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Tand, 100 g | Dental powder helps prevent tartar and plaque


Balanced and high quality ingredients

Balanced and high quality ingredients

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