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Skal | Slow-eating bowl that promotes fun, healthy eating

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Recommended by Veterinarians

Natural Ingredients


(Dry Food) Made in Netherlands & (Wet Food) Made in Thailand

Product description

Slow-feeding bowl that creates separations or obstructions in the food.
Easy to Clean - Dishwasher safe

Interactive slow-feeding bowl

The way your dog eats, it’s very important for their digestive and general health. Using a slow-feeding bowl, modifies your dog’s eating behaviour and forces him/her to slow down their eating process and turns your pet´s meal time into a fun game!

Instructions for use: Skål can be used by dogs and cats of all breeds. If your pet have never used an interactive feeder, he/she may need some help the first time in order to not get frustrated and give up. Start by putting only part of your pet’s daily ration in Skål, leaving the rest in his regular food bowl.

Eco-friendly product made of food-safe, high-strength PP materials. It is BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. Dishwasher safe top rack only. Do not microwave.

Benefits of using Skål

Helps prevent gulping.

Your pet is less susceptible to bloating.

Your pet is encouraged to chew the food properly, which improves their digestion of the food.

Helps portion control, thus helping reduce the risk of the pet becoming overweight.

Prompts good mental stimulation for your pet.

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Skal | Slow-eating bowl that promotes fun, healthy eating


Balanced and high quality ingredients

Balanced and high quality ingredients

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