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Pine, 6 L | 100% natural & biodegradable cat litter

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Recommended by Veterinarians

Natural Ingredients


(Dry Food) Made in Netherlands & (Wet Food) Made in Thailand

Product description

100% Natural cat litter made of pinewood.

High Absorbency - Pine pellets can absorb liquid several times their own weight.

Biodegradable - Made from 100% natural, highly absorbent pine sawdust.

Non-clumping, natural cat litter

100% natural and biodegradable, lightweight cat litter that is easy to carry and change. The Pine pellets can absorb moisture several times their own weight and naturally stop odours from spreading. This non-clumping litter works great with a sifting litter box for hassle-free cleaning.

With a natural pine scent no additives, no added fragrances, making it perfect for sensitive cats and pet parents.

Key benefits

  • High absorbency capacity - soaks up liquid to help keep your cat?? litter box fresh and clean.

  • Natural odour absorber only natural wood scent left behind.

  • Naturally fragrant no additives, no added fragrances.

  • Low dust for less mess helps keep your home and the litter box healthy and clean.

  • Environmentally friendly product compostable and biodegradable pellets in a recyclable packaging*.

*Rules for recycling may differ in each country and area. Check guidelines for your local municipality before recycling an item.

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Pine, 6 L | 100% natural & biodegradable cat litter


Balanced and high quality ingredients

Balanced and high quality ingredients

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