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Ogon, 125 ml | Eye cleaning lotion for everyday use

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Natural Ingredients


(Dry Food) Made in Netherlands & (Wet Food) Made in Thailand

Product description

Eye cleaning solution for dogs and cats with a gentle, non-irritating yet effective formula.

with Natural Ingredients - Made with floral extracts

Testing | Eye care for dogs and cats

Specially formulated to help clean the sensitive area around your pet’s eyes, break down and remove tear stains, incrustations and other impurities from the eyelids and the corners of the eyes. pH-neutral formula, made with high-quality floral extracts.

COMPOSITION: concentrated seawater, cornflower (Centaurea cyanus) floral water, camomile (Anthemis nobilis) floral water, witch hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) floral water, lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) floral water.

Formulated with natural ingredients


Made with seawater taken from the depths off the coast of Brittany, Ögon has optimal mineral salt content for the skin. This product is balanced in sodium chloride, which also serves as a natural preservative. It has neutral pH-value of 7, identical to that of tears. Formulated without essential oils, so that it gently cleans the traces of tears, dirt, and small crusts around your pet's eyes.


A floral water (also known as hydrolates or herbal distillates) is the residual water obtained after separating the distillation products (essential oil + condensed water vapour (water)). Ögon contains floral waters from the following plants:

CORNFLOWER: Well-known for its soothing properties in eye care. It helps calm irritations and inflammations; also, helps reduce eye discomfort.

CAMOMILE: Known for its decongestant properties. It helps calms irritations and inflammations; also, helps reduce ocular discomfort.

WITCH HAZEL & LEMON BALM: Help purify and soothe minor redness of the eyelids' skin.

Made in France

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Ogon, 125 ml | Eye cleaning lotion for everyday use


Balanced and high quality ingredients

Balanced and high quality ingredients

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