Why sterilized cats gain weight? The best diet for spayed or neutered cats

Why sterilized cats gain weight? The best diet for spayed or neutered cats

Sterilization and castration of cats can cause serious changes in their hormonal balance. It is believed that spayed and neutered cats are 3 to 4 times more likely to gain weight than cats with the active reproductive system. Changes in hormonal balance are not the only reason spayed and neutered cats become overweight or obese.

Why sterilized and castrated cats gain weight?

The energy demand for cats after the sterilization or castration procedure drops significantly. The caloric consumption for spayed and neutered cats should be about 30% lower than the previous diet. Choosing the right diet will make it easier to monitor your cat’s weight. Between female and male cats it is believed that the castrated males are the most prone to gaining weight. Many factors can influence the appetite of your feline friend, that includes the relationship between the cat and the owner. It is believed that the cats that are very close to their owners are more likely to gain weight. 

Change the eating habits

Stop feeding your cat ad libitum. It’s much harder to control the food intake when your cat has unlimited access. Start feeding your cat on a schedule and do not overfeed. Pay attention to how much snacks you’re giving your cat throughout the day. Snacks and treats have to be included in your cat’s daily energy demand. That way you’ll be able to easily control your pet’s weight. Remember that snacks should never add up to more than 20% of the additional energy given throughout the day.



Choose the right diet

Not only portion control but also regular feeding are important elements of keeping your sterilized and castrated cat in a good physical shape. Choosing the right diet for your cat is as important as sticking with the correct amount of food. Best formulas for spayed and neutered cats should be low in fat and with high levels of fibre that help keep your cat feeling satiated for longer. Formulas enriched with l-carnitine can help speed up the fat-burning process. Don’t forget to check the ingredients list on your cat’s treats. Pick snacks with natural and simple ingredients, preferably with a reduced amount of fat.

Don’t forget physical activity

Physical activity can be very helpful in keeping your cat in a good shape. Every day spent some time playing with your cat, which can even further speed the process of burning any excess fat. Adult cats need at least 20 minutes of playtime during the day. If your cat is not too fond of playing or quickly loses interest, you can divide that time into a few shorter sessions.